Body Treatments

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For people seeking non-surgical solutions for problems including stubborn fat, cellulite, and excessive perspiration, the VIP Line clinic in Tirana is happy to provide a variety of body treatments.  Experience the personalized touch of our body treatments, tailored to address your unique body goals. From targeted contouring to cellulite reduction, our comprehensive range of services is designed to help you sculpt your perfect body. 

Whether you’re looking to enhance your curves, tone specific areas, or reduce the appearance of cellulite, our body treatments are designed to meet your individual needs. Learn more about the non-surgical body treatments we provide in the sections below. The latest equipment is used by our highly trained staff at our Tirana dermoesthetic clinic to perform all procedures quickly and painlessly for clients who want to improve their appearance.

Select Your Best Package

Body Treatments in Tirana

Accent Prime Package

Accent Prime transforms the body and face using the highest and most powerful radiofrequency technology ever used – 40.68 MHz. This innovative technology is combined with various ultrasonic waves that target adipose cells, impacting the cell membrane and causing a gradual breakdown of accumulated fat mass. The treatment is fast, effective, and secure.

Treat yourself to the treatment you deserve with ACCENT PRIME!

This platform is entirely dedicated to:

  • Body and Facial Remodeling
  • Toning and Regenerating the Skin by Stimulating Collagen Production
  • Eliminating Cellulite and Adipose Tissue Mass
  • Treating Skin Imperfections

Experience the future of aesthetic care with Accent Prime – where cutting-edge technology meets personalized beauty solutions!

Weight Loss

  • Path 4452Comprehensive program with 10 sessions
  • Path 4452Includes 30 tailored weight loss treatments
  • Path 4452Targets weight reduction and overall body measurements
  • Path 4452Personalized based on individual characteristics and body history


  • Path 4452localized toning with 10-session package
  • Path 4452Focuses on various body areas
  • Path 4452Personalized based on individual characteristics and body history

Lymphatic Drainage

  • Path 445210 sessions dedicated to stimulating the release of toxins and excess fluids
  • Path 4452Targets cellular spaces to eliminate oxidative stress-related build-ups
  • Path 4452detoxification from sedentary lifestyles / poor dietary habits


  • Path 4452Transformative program with 12-session package
  • Path 4452Encompasses 36 treatments designed to address cellulite in its early stages
  • Path 4452Targets cellulite deeply, significantly improving the visual appearance of the skin