Harmony XL Pro Laser

Introducing the Harmony XL Pro Laser, a groundbreaking technology revolutionizing skin rejuvenation. This state-of-the-art laser system combines multiple wavelengths to create an unparalleled solution for a myriad of skin concerns. Bid farewell to imperfections and welcome a harmonious fusion of treatments that deliver precise and efficient results, unlocking a new level of radiance and confidence.

At VIP Line Center, we proudly offer the pinnacle of laser technology – the Harmony XL Pro Laser. This innovative solution addresses a wide range of skin concerns by seamlessly blending multiple laser wavelengths. Whether you struggle with uneven skin tone, age spots, acne scars, or fine lines, our Harmony XL Pro Laser provides a tailored and efficient treatment, ensuring remarkable results with precision.

Experience the transformative power of advanced laser technology at VIP Line Center and embark on a journey to radiant and revitalized skin.

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Package I

Acne Treatment

Now, acne treatment is no longer a challenge! The Harmony XL Pro laser platform, a world-first, combines non-ablative laser, vacuum, and cool temperature. This combination allows for the safe and effective treatment of acne vulgaris or even prevents their formation!

  • Path 4452Pain: No
  • Path 4452Duration: 20-30 minutes
  • Path 4452Anesthesia: No
  • Path 4452Recovery time: Immediate
Package III


Fine lines, sagging skin, or deep wrinkles are changes the skin undergoes with age and extended sun exposure. CLEAR LIFT laser is currently the most sought-after treatment! A painless, quick, and safe 20-minute treatment that stimulates the production of new collagen, giving us renewed, firm, radiant, and healthy skin. Importantly, it's a non-ablative laser, leaving no marks, and you can return to normal activities immediately after treatment.

Package V

Ipixel laser

Ipixel laser, the new version of the Fraxel generation, approved by the FDA. The treatment visibly improves skin tone and texture, hyperpigmentation, pores and post-acne marks. Through the configuration of 7 pixels, deep ablative deportment is achieved in the skin, but minimally burning the outer layer of the skin, so the healing process is faster.

Package II


One common concern is "Rosacea," a frequent skin condition causing redness and easily distinguishable fine capillaries on the face. DYE-VL from the Harmony XL Pro laser platform is a non-invasive and effective treatment that addresses/eliminates hyperpigmented skin lesions (brown spots on the skin) that may appear after prolonged sun exposure, during pregnancy, etc. The medical laser also stimulates collagen production for elastic, uniform, and radiant skin.

  • Path 4452Quick, painless treatment!
  • Path 4452Suitable for epidermal melasma, skin hyperpigmentation, spots, capillaries, and Rosacea.
Package IV

Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is the fastest and most effective way! At VIP LINE CENTER, we offer tattoo elimination using the latest technology from HARMONY XL PRO, produced by the world-leading company Alma Laser. It's highly comfortable and has no adverse effects on the skin. When treating a tattoo, the following factors are crucial:

  • Path 4452Color of the ink used
  • Path 4452Depth of the tattoo
  • Path 4452Size of the tattoo

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